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Solmaz Niki-Kerman

Solmaz Niki-Kermani is an actress, writer, director and the founder of Mahtab Entertainment.  She was born in Iran, where she discovered her love for the arts.  An honor student in Mathematics, she won a national best actress award for a play taped for Iranian cable TV at the age of sixteen.  Less than a year later, Solmaz moved to the US to study at Harvard University, at which she earned a degree in Liberal Arts.

Her resistance to playing it safe and strong desire to tell stories brought Solmaz to Los Angeles early 2011.  Solmaz met Russell Boast soon after her arrival, and, after hearing her idea for a film, he encouraged her to write the script.  Russell produced her first screenplay, TO THE MOON, with Solmaz as the lead.  The film was helmed by English director Damian Harris, son of the late actor Richard Harris.

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