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Incredible Girl

Incredible Girl is a sexy short film exploring female empowerment with same sex themes. It’s a coming of age story placed in a sexual playground.

Our Story

This project started with a blog post:

…as I was dancing ( in the club), I saw this female approach me in the most diva way one can imagine…She entered my space bubble with authority and stood right in front of me. I stopped my dancing, matched her stance and made eye contact with her. I wasn’t sure what was about to happen. In the next minute or so the world disappeared as she reached out and fingered the bottom of my shirt with her chipped red nails. She slowly started to work her fingers up underneath my shirt. I stood there unable to say anything because I was caught off guard by the sheer nerve she had. She crept up my solar plexus until she reached the bottom of my bra. She paused and stared at me hard and unflinching in the eye. With a quick step back I detached myself from her wandering fingers… I kept her eye locked for a second and then she stepped forward in a small gesture of respect (like after a sumo pair finish their wrestle), whispered in my ear “you’re gorgeous”, and walked away with as much flair as she approached me with. This is one of the most mind blowing people I have ever encountered in my life. The nerve she had was Incredible! 

My good friend, Miguel Amodio, left a comment on it: “This is awesome! You should turn it into a movie”. Then we talked. 

Mission Statement

And several years later, here we are with “Incredible Girl”: in homage to those people who have the power to inspire and revolutionize our lives because of sheer bad-ass-ness (i.e. confidence). My goal is to offer inspiration for others to revolutionize their lives, like she did for me. What bonds us as a team is that it’s important for each of us to be connected to work that excites us and has the power to change lives positively.

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